The company was founded by Maxim Behar and Bob Miller, former Nevada Governor and currently member of tens of Boards and well established US businesses in 2002. Five years later Governor Miller sold its shares due to his business engagement in the US and inability to travel often to Bulgaria and Maxim Behar remained the sole owner. Governor Bob Miller is still close friend and advisor to Mr. Behar and also declared he is available to participate in any future engagements of MB Strategies on per project base.

Maxim Behar

Maxim Behar founded M3 Communication Group, Inc. in 1994 and is currently the company's Chief Executive.

M3 Communications Group, Inc. is the leader in the field of public and media relations in Bulgaria. It has clients list of more than 60 international and local companies. Mr. Behar is personally involved in all projects of the company. He is a part of the initial and also ongoing stage of each client's enquiry.

He received a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Economics and then an Advanced degree in International Economic Relations from the Prague Economics University in 1983. Before that he had spent 5 years as a machinery worker in a factory in capital Sofia.